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Djanan Turan

Debbralee Wells

World Rhythm Poets

Janan Turan

Djanan Turan

Djanan is a singer songwriter and producer of Turkish origin, based in London.

Djanan Turan has a 5 piece band formed up of Paul Tkachenko on bass, Dan Lipman on sax/clarinet/flute, Fatih Ebrem on guitar, Tansay Omar on drums and Djanan on vocals and keys. Their live set is a vibrant, melodic and fun mixture of various influences from raga to Turkish beats, cabaret to disco.

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Album: Kader Oyunu
Produced by Tansay Omar / Djanan Turan

Album: Dugum
Produced by Tansay Omar / Djanan Turan / Sahan Satis

Album: Artigo
Produced by Tansay Omar / Djanan Turan

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World Rhythm Poets

World Rhythm Poets

World rhythm poets are a studio collaboration produced by Tansay Omar and Michael Ward-Bergeman, featuring Dan Lipman (flute), Chris Frank (guitar) and Marc Brown.

This project uses its London influences to produce an album that reflects some of the worlds musical cultures from a London International perspective. Rhythmically, harmonically and melodically mixing new blends and forms so as to create new music with roots in London and its international world of Cultures.

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Album: Panoramic Vision of Rhythm
Produced by Tansay Omar / Michael Ward Bergemen

Debbralee Wells

After training at the Cockpit Youth Theatre and studying Musical Theatre at City Lit., she has gone on to appear in major productions including the Pink Floyd Live Tour, Cinderella, Fame the Musical (UK Tour), Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story (UK Tour), as well as numerous prime time TV shows.

She is currently touring across France, performing in various Jazz shows.

Debbralee Wells

Debbralee is a passionate singer with a stunning, powerful voice and great stage presence.


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Album: 3
Produced by Tansay Omar

NNR Music

NRR Music

 'A Time to Chill' it will be an NRR Music album compiled of the most chilled and serene tunes on the label by the different artists

Album: A Time to Chill
Produced by Tansay Omar

Chill out album coming soon

...Something to look forward to...


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