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All Songs Can Be Streamed, Listened to in full right here :) or on Spotify etc.

Can also be bought on iTunes etc, if you do that kind of thing ........   Enjoy :)

made in london


is also available to listen or buy via bandcamp.

The album has been praised by djs and music lovers across the board due to its eclectic yet coherent style and sound.
With blends of Funk, Dub, World, Soul, Reggae.

The album features six different vocalists and many quality musicians. The band has a fresh laid back yet energized sound.

Available to listen or buy via bandcamp.


sitting in the future

Sitting In the Future is an electronic studio album that uses the breakbeats and production skills of Tansay Omar. Tansay's diverse drumming skills have gained the attention of major artists such as Bjork, ('Debut' world tour 1993-4). His diverse drumming and production skills are reflected in the albums he has produced.
Available to lisetn or buy right here or via bandcamp.





Djanan Turan Discography

Djanan Turan


Avant garde pop five track EP / UK
English Lyrics/Vocals
Produced by Tansay Omar / Djanan Turan

The Djanan Turan album 'Dugum' was recorded and produced in London in the natural rhythm rercordings studios with additional strings on two tracks recorded in Istanbul Turkey.

Produced by Tansay Omar and Djanan Turan with four of the tracks co produced with Sahan Satis. Since the completion of the album The Djanan Turan band can be seen performing live in and around London various festivals around the UK. The Djanan Turan band has also performed live in various hip venues in Istanbul Turkey.

Single Track

Kader Oyunu

A single recorded in  London and Bangladesh
Turkish Lyrics/Vocals
Produced by Tansay Omar / Djanan Turan

World Rhythm Poets

World Rhythm Poets

This project uses its London influences to produce an album that reflects some of the worlds musical cultures from a London International perspective.

Rhythmically, harmonically and melodically mixing new blends and forms so as to create new music with roots in London and its international world of Cultures. The London International collective.

Debbralee Wells 3

Debbralee Wells

As the artists name suggests the album 3 is a musical collaboration between Debbralee Wells and Tansay Omar.

They met in London while at a mutual friends weekly jam session.

On hearing the vocal versatility of Debbralee, Tansay suggested going into the studio to capture some of the magic. Its all on the album.

NRR MUSIC A time to chill

NRR Music

Chill out album coming soon

...Something to look forward to...


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